Links for 2nd October 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. HIV jumped species earlier than thought

    "The AIDS virus, previously thought to have been transmitted from chimps to humans in the 1930s, may have leapt the species barrier more than a century ago in west-central Africa."

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  2. Medvedev: No grounds for Cold War with US

    "We do not have such ideological differences around which a new cold or any other kind of war could start… " Oh, I'll stop worrying then.

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  3. 12 Tips for “Psychological Selling”

    Copypsych 101

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  4. On Being A Fan

    "…while there are sf books (and authors) I love, I’m not a fan of the books, I’m a fan of the form. Or, more specifically, I’m a fan of the potential of the form. I read a lot of science fiction because I know what science fiction can be, because I know that it can engage me in ways other fiction does not. That doesn’t stop me thinking plenty of sf novels are bad, though it might (okay: does) lead me to disagree with non-fans about the merits of specific books."

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  5. Canadian scientist creates atmosphere-saving CO2 scrubbing machine

    "In demonstrating the technology in practice, Keith and his team used a custom-built tower to capture CO2 directly from the air while requiring less than 100 kilowatt-hours of electricity per tonne of carbon dioxide. The tower unit was able to capture the equivalent of approximately 20 tonnes per year of CO2 on a single square metre of scrubbing material — which amounts to the average level of emissions produced by one person each year in North America." Hell knows we're gonna need something like this. Like, yesterday.

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