Links for 30th December 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Author William Poundstone Dissects the Marketing Tricks Built Into Balthazar’s Menu

    "… the marketing tricks built into menus—for example, how something as simple as typography can drive you toward or away from that $39 steak." Crafty, and an interesting insight into the psychology of text-based marketing.

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  2. New Interactions for the American Urban Vocabulary

    "Some trends to consider before we leap into 2010: as our abilty to track objects, people and their preferences is continually refined – how small can the marketplace/vending machine for tangible media and other goods go? Why doesn't every apartment block have it's own redbox equivilent?; what value added services might be introduced to add convenience – the obvious being neighbourhood delivery and pick-up, and given that this hasn't yet evolved in the US of A in which cultures is it more likely occur? For people and communities with limited access to high-speed connectivity this could be the platform to extend the internet."

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  3. Singularity Proponent Ray Kurzweil Reinvents the Book, Again

    "For publishers, says Kurzweil the advantage is that Blio preserves the original book’s format, including typsetting, layout, fonts and pagination.

    Though it sounds nifty, Blio is up against some stiff competition. Kurzweil and his team are betting against the trend of dedicated e-reader devices such as Kindle, Nook and Sony Reader.

    “People don’t want an extra piece of hardware,” says Kurzweil. “They want to take one device and do everything with it and they want color screens.”

    Instead, Kurzweil is betting that tablets that are scheduled to be launched next year — including the much speculated Apple tablet — will be used by consumers instead for reading digital books. Blio could fit well on those tablets." Interesting; platforms are supposed to be the new paradigm over dedicated devices, and Kurzweil has a habit of tipping industries on their heads. This is one to watch, especially at the (presumably) freemium price point.

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  4. Study: Rumors of Written-Word Death Greatly Exaggerated

    "Americans consumed 3.6 billion terabytes of information last year, averaging 11.8 hours of information consumption per day. Video and videogames constituted 55 percent of those bytes, but on average, Americans read 36 percent of the 100,500 words they consume each day, according to the San Diego study, which analyzed more than 20 data sources. The study doesn’t cover writing, but a simple glance at Facebook feeds reveals that we’re almost certainly writing more than we used to, as well." Well, what do you know?

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