Links for 30th March 2009

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  1. DIY Freaks Flock to ‘Hacker Spaces’ Worldwide

    "Many are governed by consensus. Noisebridge and Vienna's Metalab have boards, but they are structured to keep board members accountable to the desires of the members. NYC Resistor is similarly democratic. Most of the space — and the tools — are shared by all members, with small spaces set aside for each member to store items and projects for their own use.

    "The way hacker spaces are organized seems to be a reaction against American individualism — the idea that we all need to be in our separate single-family homes with a garage," says White. "Choosing to organize collectives where you're sharing a space and sharing tools with people who are not your family and not your co-workers — that feels different to me.""

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  2. Technological Singularity Overview for Journalists

    "Journalists often ask me about what is happening in the Singularity movement, who the major names, ideas, and organizations are, and so on. To make all that info publicly available in one place, I've created this short page. "

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  3. Chinese cyberespionage network runs across 103 nations

    "It will have to suffice to say that gh0st RAT is apparently a complex and nasty bit of business that does not rely on the successful installation of one particular Trojan in order to operate.

    Its various payloads appear to have been delivered using standard social engineering and/or spear phishing techniques. This could be seen as further proof that relatively simple attack vectors are sufficient to overwhelm the security training and/or antivirus software of high-level government institutions; many of the targets GhostNet infiltrated should never be susceptible to a gussied up version of a social engineering attack." That's a big 'should', there.

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  4. Sitting in a tin can, not far from central Moscow: Russian scientists prepare for Mars mission

    "The volunteers – four Russians, a French airline pilot and a German army engineer – will be kept under constant camera surveillance to record the physical and psychological impact of their time in the isolation chamber.

    They will eat packaged rations, wash with damp tissues and spend several hours each day conducting experiments, just as astronauts would on a real space flight. They will use the same toilet as crew on the international space station, which has fans to propel waste into a "sanitary receptacle". They will eat together, work out in a tiny gym – and may even get in to the odd punch-up." No kidding.

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  5. Trade Electricity Like Pork Bellies

    "Treat electricity like a commodity—something for which you can gauge demand and set a price in advance. That's what New England's independent system operator started doing last year. In its Forward Capacity Market, the ISO projects how much power the region will need three years ahead and then runs a descending-clock auction for the right to provide it. The ISO doesn't care whether it gets its power from increased production of megawatts or from efficiencies added to the system, so-called negawatts. The agency simply sets the starting price. Result: money saved in power plants and wires, more stable electricity bills, and a homegrown incubator for getting bright green ideas off the drawing board."

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  1. “Treat electricity like a commodity”. Dear me, how dumb can you get? Enron did something similar in California… and look what happened.

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