Links for 3rd August 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Giant Ocean-Trash Vortex Attracts Explorers

    "The Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch, situated in remote waters between California and Hawaii, is created by ocean currents that pick up millions of tons of the world's discarded plastic.

    As much as 10 percent of the 260 million tons of plastic produced annually ends up in the oceans, much of it in trash vortices like the Pacific garbage patch.

    This summer, two separate expeditions will set sail for the patch to document the scope of the problem and call global attention to disastrous ocean pollution."

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  2. Researchers: Conficker Still an Active Threat

    ""The gang behind Conficker are no fools," Hypponen said. "They know their stuff, they know coding, development cycles, crypto and they are clever and they are watching us, their enemy in the security industry."

    Hypponen said that there were a number of techniques, first seen in Conficker, that make it a unique threat. Among them is that on infection it shut down the wireshark open source packet sniffer, which is a tool that many security researcher use to monitor traffic."

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  3. 44 tips for improving [journalistic] accuracy

    "Pervasive as they are, mechanical/objective errors are the easiest to control of the six environments or types of news errors and often the most obvious to readers. Each of these tips was developed from situations in the newsroom and the analysis of errors. They come from personal observation and from experiences told by other journalists. As you will see, these tips also relate directly to the published corrections found in every newspaper, big or small."

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