Links for 3rd December 2009

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  1. Music and speech based on human biology, new evidence shows

    "Although there are literally millions of scales that could be used to divide the octave, most human music is based on scales comprised of only five to seven tones. The researchers argue the preference for these particular tone collections is based on how closely they approximate the harmonic series of tones produced by humans.

    Though they only worked with western music and spoken English, there is reason to believe these findings are more widely applicable. Most of the frequency ratios of the chromatic musical scale can be found in the speech of a variety of languages. Their analysis included speakers of Mandarin Chinese… "

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  2. Amid among betwixt between

    "Therein lies my problem with the interstitial as much as with slipstream and all the other pseudo-genres the literature has brought forth. I believe that these forms can only truly exist as an independent entity if we regard science fiction and fantasy and horror (and, indeed, all other generic forms, including mainstream) as an absolute. If there are hard and fast limits, an immoveable wall sealing off sf, then anything that partakes of sf outside these walls can be presented as something new, daring, transgressive. But that is not how I see genre. I have consistently argued that genre is a relative thing, indefinable precisely because it is constantly reinventing itself, because it has no set limits. In such a case, if there are no walls you cannot have an ‘outside the walls’. For me, therefore, things like slipstream and interstitial are not new genres, but a manifestation of the malleability of genre." YES.

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