Links for 3rd June 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Warren Ellis on the dubious virtues of electronic books

    "… UK booksellers are not yet reduced to the condition of their American cousins, who have gone beyond firing staff and are now using their bodies for food and heat. They fear the Kindle like it was the breath of the devil’s cock on their shoulder – despite the fact that Mr Bezos’s clever little board has probably not sold a million units yet. Because, as any American bookseller will shriek at you while gouging their own forearms open with Stanley knives, only 34 Americans actually buy and read books. As far as they’re concerned, the Kindle emerged directly from Satan’s mangina and will doom them all." Ellis rage; it's the best rage of them all.

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  2. FRONTLINE: the tank man: themes: attempting to erase history

    "What we see today is that in this system, the state doesn't need to control all the information, like in the Mao era. What it needs is to occupy the high ground. It needs to be the authoritative provider of most of the information, and if there is a little bit of dissent and criticism there, well, we can deal with that, because the Internet has no memory of China. … The Chinese Internet is ephemeral. Every day they wash and they tear off the pages that they don't like. …

    This makes all the difference. You cannot control the information all the time for all the people, but you just need to control it in a systematic way, so that no knowledge is accumulated. … And I think that's the problem for the West, is that they would never have managed, technologically speaking, without the collaboration and the help of Western companies. …"

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