Links for 3rd May 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Inside the baby mind

    "Now, however, scientists have begun to dramatically revise their concept of a baby's mind. By using new research techniques and tools, they've revealed that the baby brain is abuzz with activity, capable of learning astonishing amounts of information in a relatively short time. Unlike the adult mind, which restricts itself to a narrow slice of reality, babies can take in a much wider spectrum of sensation – they are, in an important sense, more aware of the world than we are." Somewhere, Terence McKenna is smiling.

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  2. This Just in: Mercury More Exciting Than Mars

    "Mercury was once seen as a cold, dead little world, spinning around the sun unchanged for the past 4 billion years.

    No longer: Observations from the Messenger spacecraft say it’s anything but.

    NASA’s orbiter is sending back evidence of massive volcanism, strange impact craters and magnetic tornadoes that funnel plasma directly from the sun to the planet’s surface."

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  3. Burakumin

    "The burakumin are descendants of outcast communities of the [Japanese] feudal era, which mainly comprised those with occupations considered "tainted" with death or ritual impurity (such as executioners, undertakers or leather workers), and traditionally lived in their own secluded hamlets and ghettos."

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  4. Is there only one internet?

    "Worse will come if, say, the Chinese government decides to set up its own root directory of Chinese domain names, held on its own computers and independent of the existing US-based directory. This could give the Chinese authorities control over which sites its citizens access, potentially giving it the power to largely isolate them from the rest of the net. "The language changes will accelerate national fragmentation of the internet," warns Tim Wu, professor of technology and law at Columbia University in New York. He predicts this will lead us down a road towards a divided internet: one part controlled by the US, one by China, and another by Russia." Hmmm. Maybe, but I'm sure someone would suss a way to link them. What's the old saw about networks treating censorship as damage and routing around it? Also – anyone else noticed the increase of vague Red Fear stories of late?

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  1. Hey dude, just gave the baby’s mind article a read – very interesting stuff – a good insight as to what they think, the poor little mites 😛 Nice find dude.

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