Links for 3rd November 2009

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  1. Implantable Silicon-Silk Electronics

    "By building thin, flexible silicon electronics on silk substrates, researchers have made electronics that almost completely dissolve inside the body. So far the research group has demonstrated arrays of transistors made on thin films of silk. While electronics must usually be encased to protect them from the body, these electronics don't need protection, and the silk means the electronics conform to biological tissue. The silk melts away over time and the thin silicon circuits left behind don't cause irritation because they are just nanometers thick."

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  2. Thinking the Unthinkable

    "How bad is the situation 'out there' really? In my view, things are veering toward such extreme desperation that the US government might fall under the sway, by extra-electoral means, of an ambitious military officer, or a group of such, sometime in the near future. I'm not promoting a coup d'etat, you understand, but I am raising it as a realistic possibility as elected officials prove utterly unwilling to cope with a mounting crisis of capital and resources. The 'corn-pone Hitler' scenario is still another possibility – Glen Beck and Sarah Palin vying for the hearts and minds of the morons who want 'to keep gubmint out of Medicare!' – but I suspect that there is a growing cadre of concerned officers around the Pentagon who will not brook that fucking nonsense for a Crystal City minute and, what's more, would be very impatient to begin correcting the many fiascos currently blowing the nation apart from within."

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  3. Global Guerrillas: BASIC SYSTEMS DISRUPTION

    "Here's a simple overview of what is increasingly becoming the dominant method of offensive warfare in the 21st Century. Early applications of this methodology to modern conflict have been very successful. In short, it's better to understand its dynamics than to assume it doesn't exist."

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  4. Mining for Algae: Could Abandoned Mines Help Grow Biofuel?

    "Growing the photosynthetic algae underground also addresses concerns about invasive species of algae escaping, Vidt said. Even if the species escape containment from the photobioreactors, they pose little threat as invasive species because they could not survive for long in the dark.

    The setup also provides a perk for mining companies faced with the task of cleaning up in the wake of excavation.

    "Algae are exceptional at sequestering metals," Vidt said, adding that the biodiesel produced on site could be used in additional mining operations. "This is a [public relations] boon for these guys: It works for them, they get some fuel, and on the flip side, they don't have to pay reclamation.""

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