Links for 4th February 2009

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  1. Utilities Turn Their Customers Green, With Envy

    "In a 2004 experiment, he and a colleague left different messages on doorknobs in a middle-class neighborhood north of San Diego. One type urged the residents to conserve energy to save the earth for future generations; another emphasized financial savings. But the only kind of message to have any significant effect, Dr. Cialdini said, was one that said neighbors had already taken steps to curb their energy use. “It is fundamental and primitive,” said Dr. Cialdini, who owns a stake in Positive Energy. “The mere perception of the normal behavior of those around us is very powerful.”"

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  2. Passport RFIDs cloned wholesale by $250 eBay auction spree

    "Paget's device consists of a Symbol XR400 RFID reader (now manufactured by Motorola), a Motorola AN400 patch antenna mounted to the side of his Volvo XC90, and a Dell 710m that's connected to the RFID reader by ethernet cable. The laptop runs a Windows application Paget developed that continuously prompts the RFID reader to look for tags and logs the serial number each time one is detected. He bought most of the gear via auctions listed on eBay."

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  3. Self-promotion or, Warning: being a published author means you are entering a whine-free zone.

    "Most authors have been responsible for the bulk of their own self-promotion all the way back to Dickens' time. (And Dickens was a master of self-promotion, by the way.) Because publishing brings in such a narrow margin of profit, publishers have always relegated the bulk of their promotional resources to those books that they see as their best opportunity for a return on their investment. And the more money they have invested in the manuscript, the more they're going to want to promote that manuscript. It's pretty simple math."

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  4. Three column layouts – 7 versions

    "Above are the three column layouts most asked for over the past few years. Whilst there is nothing new in these, they do offer simplicity of stylesheets and no use of images to make it look as though the columns are full height. All columns will be equal heights no matter how much content is in each column."

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