Links for 4th January 2010

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  1. Alan Moore: Comics Won’t Save You, but Dodgem Logic Might

    "I’m sure there have been a lot of underground magazines and things like that on the net. But I think there is much to be said from having an artifact that you can hold in your hands. That is perhaps a mark of the generation that I grew up in, but I believe it’s true. In an increasingly virtual world, artifacts, beautifully made things, are at a premium. We wanted to be able to bring out a magazine that wasn’t so ephemeral and transient, that people would want to keep."

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  2. Simon Reynolds’s Notes on the noughties: Clearing up the indie landfill

    "Looking back over the noughties, then, you'd have to say that indie produced a good proportion of the decade's least impressive music. Yet indie also produced some of the most. Even on its traditional terrain – the songful guitar band with "interesting" lyrics, "attitude" and a decent shot at an NME front cover – there was a series of indie heavyweights, starting with the Strokes and the Libertines, who jolted the scene out of the dismal post-Britpop slough of the late 90s. And once you strayed beyond that narrow strip of indie-as-commonly-understood, there was a steadily accumulating ferment of activity that shredded the indie stereotype to the point where, by the decade's end, the word was virtually meaningless."

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  3. America’s Secret ICE Castles

    "The challenge of being unable to find people in detention centers, documented in the Human Rights Watch report, is worsened when one does not even know where to look. The absence of a real-time database tracking people in ICE custody means ICE has created a network of secret jails. Subfield offices enter the time and date of custody after the fact, a situation ripe for errors, hinted at in the Schriro report, as well as cover-ups."

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  4. Simple rules for good typography

    Sorta crib-sheet of the basics; useful rules-of-thumb.

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  5. Seven Points to Consider When Submitting Short Fiction

    Wise words from the VanderMeer.

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  6. Farah Mendlesohn on Joanna Russ, Interviewed by Graham Sleight

    "I was less bothered by a particular approach because I'm not the kind of critic who thinks that there is just one way to go about something. For me, all critical movements are filters: apply one, and one aspect of a text shines through; apply another, and a different aspect is revealed."

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  7. Styling a Poem with Advanced CSS Selectors

    "… a very basic tutorial on how CSS advanced selectors can be used in our stylesheets to address specific HTML elements without having to use extra classes, IDs or bloated markup."

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