Links for 4th June 2010

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  1. Excellent Foppery « Graham Sleight

    "It seems to me pretty clear that to write in any kind of mode of the fantastic is to impose more causality on a story than to work in the mimetic. I talked earlier about choices; in the fantastic, the author is at liberty to choose to an extent the setting, the degree to which it shares what we currently know as natural laws, the geography, and so forth. All these choices are acts of *shaping* – shaping that, by definition, is not permitted to works of the mimetic."

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  2. First UK water desalination plant opens

    "Costing £270 million and powered by biodiesel made from used cooking oil, the plant operated by Thames Water aims to provide "much-needed backup for the seriously water-stressed capital in the event of drought conditions."<br />
    <br />
    Officially called the Thames Gateway Water Treatment Works, and situated in Barkin in East London, the plant will be capable of producing around 140 million litres a day by converting saltwater from the Thames to drinking water – enough for 1 million people. It will only be utilised during 'drought conditions' or times of low water supply."

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