Links for 4th November 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. R.U. Sirius Interview: Transhumanist Tech Is A Boner Pill That Sets Up a Firewall Against Billy Joel

    "I suppose looking at it in terms of the great lofty visions of transhumanism — longer healthy lifespans, better brains, intelligent machines, cyborg body parts, genomic evolutions and so forth – what once were dreams and small projects are now dreams and well-funded projects and even companies that hope to bring products to market. This means that there has been enough incremental scientific and technological progress to bring it to the point where investors, scientists, engineers and so on are taking this stuff seriously."

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  2. Making your theme’s comments compatible with WordPress 2.7 and earlier versions

    Backwards compatibility… the curse of the dev.

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  3. 10 Little Known WordPress Theme Tricks

    Wow, some of these are seriously worth knowing.

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  4. The effects of recession on a Chinese city built on exports

    "Few in the west have heard of Dongguan, but the chances are that your shoes, your TV or your children's toys originated here. Exports have built a city of 14 million inhabitants, almost all migrant workers from the countryside. Its economy has sustained 15% annual growth in recent years. The global economic crisis is proving the final straw for exporters punished by rising costs and stronger currency."

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  5. GD Star Rating plugin (WordPress)

    "… features post, page and comments rating, rating rules, moderation, time restricted voting, trend calculations, detailed voting log, import and export of votes, customizable images fro stars and trends, extensive control panel, PDF user guide and more."

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  6. Custom Permalinks

    "… is a WordPress plugin that gives you ultimate control over your site structure. Lay out your site the way you want it. Set the URL of any post, tag or category to anything you want. Old permalinks will redirect properly to the new address."

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  7. Marketing lessons from the US election

    "Attack ads don't always work. There's a reason most product marketers don't use attack ads. All they do is suppress sales of your opponent, they don't help you. Since TV ads began, voter turnout has progressively decreased. That's because the goal of attack ads is to keep your opponent's voters from showing up. Both sides work to whittle down the other. In a winner-take-all game like a political election, this strategy is fine if it works. So why didn't the ads work this time?"

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