Links for 5th August 2008

Globalization in reverse; HIV stats too low; double limb transplant …

  • Could Globalization Be Going In Reverse?
    “What might regional or local economic policy in a time of de-globalization and climate impacts look like? What key industries or capacities should regions be looking to foster? What sorts of infrastructure development should they subsidize?”
  • Global HIV stats called into question by US study
    “For more than a decade, US health officials have annually been underestimating new HIV infections by 40%. US researchers reporting the discrepancy say that the implications for global HIV figures are unclear, but the World Health Organisation today defended the accuracy of its current estimates.” Ouch.
  • Farmer has double arm transplant
    “Surgeon Edgar Biemer said the greatest challenge was establishing blood flow between the farmer’s body and muscles in the new arms because the muscles have a limited lifespan. And he said: “We discussed with the patient that he would have to deal with the fact that his hands were from somebody else. But this was discussed before the first heart transplant, and in reality nobody really cared about that.”” Good ol’ pragmatism.

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