Links for 5th August 2009

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  1. The Desktop Manufacturing Revolution

    "Desktop manufacturing offers the potential for the ultimate "maker" culture, where commercial products are bought off of iTunes-like online stores and printed at home, while eager hardware hackers play with design tools and open-source hardware systems to make entirely new material goods. Lurking in the background, of course, is the potential for design piracy — what one writer termed "napster fabbing [12]," back in the era when Napster was scary.

    If we're lucky, this could happen slowly and gradually, allowing the new economic models time to solidify and new institutions to emerge; if we're less lucky, it could happen abruptly, and with great resistance on the part of those industries most under attack, so that the new systems aren't yet ready by the time the old system collapses. The first would obviously be an easier transition than the second. Any bets on which one is more likely?" Cascio.

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  2. Linux Music Workflow: Switching from Mac OS X to Ubuntu

    "After ten years of working on Apple laptops, I’ve left the fold. Not only was the expense of owning and maintaining Apple hardware a key factor in my switch, but the operating system had become a frustration to me. Details like not having a tree-view in the right hand panel of the Finder window slowed me down. Ubuntu, on the other hand, feels more like an operating system made for grown-ups. And what’s especially nice is that Ubuntu scales nicely to the expertise of the user. Your cousin the computer geek or your Grandma can install and use Ubuntu and get as deep as they like." Offered without comment. 😉

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  3. Modder arrest a reminder that most console hacks are illegal

    ""With hardware, you can do pretty much anything you want with it. There are very few rules that apply. You buy it, you own, you can take it apart, and that's perfectly fine," she explained. The problem is that no one simply modifies the hardware. "It becomes complicated with modern hardware because it's combined with firmware, the embedded software."

    The infamous DMCA states that you can't circumvent any software protection to get at the copyrighted work it protects. If you're using a software exploit or installing a mod chip, you're disabling that protection to allow yourself to run homebrew code, and you're running afoul of the DMCA. "Thou shall not circumvent," Granick told Ars, counting the two ways to break the law. "And thou shall not provide tools to others.""

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  4. Psychopaths have brain structure abnormality

    "When discussions turn to psychopaths and sociopaths, talk of criminal proceedings cannot be far behind. While the study was small and has not been repeated, the mind immediately wanders to a court room where MRI evidence is given to support the conviction of someone on trial for mass murder. The controversy of the topic is likely to be heated. Could a jury be convinced with biological proof that a person’s brain is marked with the brand of a psychopath?"

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