Links for 5th February 2009

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  1. Moral Panic! Moral Panic!

    "The whole point of having a legal system is that the country, as a whole, has reached a compromise agreement as to how it shall be governed. That’s what democracy is all about. In anything approaching a multicultural society different segments of the population will have wildly differing ideas as to what is “morally right”. Where there is disagreement, either you reach a compromise through the political process, or you take the Libertarian view that people have the right to get on with their own lives without interference. The idea that everyone should have the right to impose their morality on others seems to me to be a recipe for disaster."

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  2. Economic Scenarios

    "For those involved in transitions to resilient communities, the best situation is obviously a period of extended stagnation. It allows an organic and self-financed transition towards local resilience and an orderly disconnection from the global system. In contrast, the depression scenario implies an onset rate that will overwhelm local planners with a tidal wave of foreclosures, bankruptcies, and civil unrest. Disconnection from the global system will be in large part involuntary and the development of resilient local platforms will be ad hoc and desperate."

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  3. Mastering WordPress Shortcodes

    Need to bone up on this shizzle; it's where WP's new power lies, and it'll be good PHP training.

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  4. Ocean rubbish dump could lock away carbon

    "This residue normally decays and releases carbon dioxide, but it could be collected, packed into bales and dropped into the deep ocean. Worldwide crop residues contain around 600 million tonnes of carbon. If all of it was sunk in this way, the rate of annual rate of build up of carbon in the atmosphere could be cut by 14%, say the researchers." Notice how prevalent these geoengineering stories are getting?

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  5. Stem cells from human-animal hybrids ‘unlikely’

    "Genes thought to be key to stem-cell development appear not to be switched on in the hybrids, suggesting the controversial idea will be harder to pull off than hoped – and may not work at all."

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