Links for 5th February 2010

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Turn on adhesive. Scale walls like Spidey

    "The device is the result of inspiration drawn not from a spider, but from a beetle native to Florida that can adhere to a leaf with a force 100 times its own weight, yet also instantly unstick itself.


    The device consists of a flat plate patterned with holes, each on the order of microns (one-millionth of a meter). A bottom plate holds a liquid reservoir, and in the middle is another porous layer. An electric field applied by a common 9-volt battery pumps water through the device and causes droplets to squeeze through the top layer. The surface tension of the exposed droplets makes the device grip another surface—much the way two wet glass slides stick together.

    “In our everyday experience, these forces are relatively weak,” Steen says. “But if you make a lot of them and can control them, like the beetle does, you can get strong adhesion forces.”"

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  2. How to Split WordPress Content Into Two or More Columns

    Neat trick with functions and the 'more' tag,

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  3. Anonymity and the Internet

    "Universal identification is portrayed by some as the holy grail of Internet security. Anonymity is bad, the argument goes; and if we abolish it, we can ensure only the proper people have access to their own information. We'll know who is sending us spam and who is trying to hack into corporate networks. And when there are massive denial-of-service attacks, such as those against Estonia or Georgia or South Korea, we'll know who was responsible and take action accordingly.

    The problem is that it won't work." Bruce Schneier.

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