Links for 5th November 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Chinese Agencies Fight For Control Of Web Game

    "The bureau that licenses publishers said this week [WoW]'s Chinese operator failed to obtain required import approval and should stop signing up customers. Its rival, the Ministry of Culture's cultural products department, fired back that it was the regulator of online games and said the Web site's paperwork was in order.

    The squabble has given the Chinese public a rare glimpse into the struggles between bureaucrats over who gets to regulate the Internet and other promising new industries and reap the added influence and revenues that can bring.

    "If you supervise a more dynamic area with a lot of growth potential, you have more budget and more administrative muscle," said Edward Yu, president of Analysys International, an Internet research firm in Beijing. "They see this pie is getting bigger and bigger, so it is no wonder different administrations are fighting over pieces of that territory.""

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  2. Bizarre legal defense after EMI sues over Beatles MP3 sales

    "The MP3 format uses psycho-acoustic models to do its compression in such a way that it doesn't throw out the bits that are most important to the human ear. MRT may simply be claiming that the act of ripping and compressing a song—perhaps using a tweaked psycho-acoustic model—creates a new sound recording in which it owns the copyright. If true, then copyright in sound recordings is meaningless—and I may set up an online shop to start selling all those recordings "I made" by ripping my Wilco CDs." Man, this is going to be one entertaining lawsuit.

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