Links for 6th August 2008 part 2

Reputation economics 101; print not dead, just sf mags; book review bugbears …

  1. I wish people would stop using economy as just a smart-sounding metaphor
    “… we have a NASDAQ of reputation–it’s Google. What is the currency of reputation online other than PageRank, which measures the incoming links that define the network of opinion that is the Web? And what better measure of attention is there than Web traffic?”
    attention reputation economics web internet society whuffie
  2. Print Is Not Dead
    “… when I run the sf magazine figures, I’m not saying that Print Is Dead. I’m not even saying that No-One Wants Short Fiction. I’m saying, I’m afraid, that something is wrong with those magazines. Not even, necessarily, with the content. That’s entirely subjective.”
    Warren-Ellis sf magazine science fiction distribution short stories publishing media
  3. What makes you stop reading a review?
    “… once someone claims that what they are doing is a proper review, it seems to me that there are some things that would be best avoided. I am talking as a reader here, not a writer, and about other people’s books, not mine.” Some interesting comments here.
    book reviews literature criticism discussion
  4. 8 Tips for Creative Soloprenuers
    Useful tips, yessah.
    freelance business tips communications marketing scheduling
  5. Bangladesh landmass ‘is growing’
    “… satellite images show the country’s landmass is actually growing because of sediment dumped by rivers.” Poor buggers are still up the metaphorical creek, though.
    Bangladesh land sediment space climate change flooding erosion
  6. Quantity Always Trumps Quality
    “That’s why the one bit of advice I always give aspiring bloggers is to pick a schedule and stick with it. It’s the only advice that matters, because until you’ve mentally committed to doing it over and over, you will not improve. You can’t.”
    philosophy productivity creativity quality quantity practice motivation

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