Links for 6th July 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. PatternWall – Free Seamless Patterns

    Does what it says on the tin.

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  2. Debunking the Myth That Michael Jackson Broke Down MTV’s ‘Racial Barrier,’ and Exposing the Hypocritical Media That Reports It: A Daily Swarm Report…

    "By the time the “Thriller” video came out in 1983, MTV had already played “Beat it” and “Billie Jean” and the album had sold upwards of 10 million albums during its first year of release. But there was a reason why “Thriller” was a kind of entertainment that that nobody had ever seen before. It was a tool to hype demand for cable TV at a moment when expansion everywhere – including cities – was imminent. It was imperative for them to build demand for subscriptions."

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  3. Tech Is Too Cheap to Meter: It’s Time to Manage for Abundance, Not Scarcity

    "the funny thing about waste is that it's all relative to your sense of scarcity. Our grandparents grew up in an age when a long-distance telephone call was an expensive luxury, to be scheduled and kept short. Even today, many find it hard to keep people of that generation on a long-distance call for very long—they still hear a meter ticking in their head and rush to finish. But our kids are growing up in an age when long distance is free on their cell phones. They'll happily chat for hours. From the perspective of 1950s telecom costs, that's incredibly wasteful. But today, when those costs have fallen to near zero, we don't give it a second thought. It doesn't feel like waste at all."

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  4. Wired UK magazine columnist Warren Ellis has swine flu. No, really…

    "We spend a lot of time looking for our spaceships and jet-packs, but – and consider this bit, it gets bigger and weirder the more you think about it – in a matter of days we can genetically sequence a mutant virus that’s jumped the species gap. People try to make an ordinary thing of that. There’s a strong tendency to cast the present day, whenever that may be, as essentially banal and not what was promised. Stop looking for the loud giant stuff. The small marvels surround us."

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