Links for 6th March 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. CSS Light Box

    "This is a CSS Light Box that with a little bit of 'expression' can be made to work in IE6. Not as 'flash' as the javascript version but it does work with javascript off in all browsers (except IE6)."

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  2. Time to end the multigenerational Ponzi scheme

    "Am I saying that capitalism is going to have to change or else we will have an environmental catastrophe? Yes, I am. It should not be shocking to suggest that capitalism has to change. Capitalism evolved out of feudalism. Although the basis of power has changed from land to money and the system has become more mobile, the distribution of power and wealth has not changed that much. It’s still a hierarchical power structure, it was not designed with ecological sustainability in mind, and it won’t achieve that as it is currently constituted." Kim Stanley Robinson.

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  3. On War #294: A Barometer of Order

    "Piracy is a barometer of two related qualities in the world of states: the state’s belief in itself and the state system, and international order. The failure of states to follow ancient law and precedent in dealing with Somali pirates says nothing about the pirates. But it speaks volumes concerning the weakness of the state, in its own eyes. So little do the international elites who now rule all but a handful of states – the administrators of Brave New World – believe in the state that they cannot even hang pirates. They have the souls, not of leaders or governors, but of petty functionaries. When not even states’ elites believe in the state anymore, why should anyone else? Piracy not suppressed represents history lifting its leg on the whole state system." Zing!

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  4. Cory Doctorow: In Praise of the Sales Force

    "Here, then, is the major challenge and opportunity of networked, author-driven, revolutionary publishing for this century: how do you turn the Internet into a machine for introducing books to physical, real-world stores? How do you use the Internet to introduce books to online stores that don't specialize in books, like ThinkGeek?" It's a bloody good question.

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  5. The luddite McLuhan

    "Many people seem to think that if you talk about something recent, you're in favor of it. The exact opposite is true in my case. Anything I talk about is almost certain to be something I'm resolutely against, and it seems to me the best way of opposing it is to understand it, and then you know where to turn off the button."

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  6. Chinese ‘gold farmers’ making a living playing computer games

    "Last year, the Chinese government acknowledged the rising significance of gold farming by introducing a 20% tax on the industry. But regulations on working hours, salaries, holidays and medical fees have not been extended with it. Yuan may be proud of her job, but she admits the long, unregulated hours are taking their toll. "The government should lay down the law. I would consider staying if conditions improved, but the game world is not a real career for me," she says."

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