Links for 6th October 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Business Directory for WordPress

    "… an easy way to host a free directory page for your readers, affiliates, advertisers, community or club members. Invite them to submit a simple advertisement listing for themselves on your blog."

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  2. This is your grid on brains

    "… the researchers will use living neural networks composed of thousands of brain cells from laboratory rats to control simulated power grids in the lab. From those studies, the researchers hope to create a "biologically inspired" computer program to manage and control complex power grids in Mexico, Brazil, Nigeria and elsewhere." Whoa. Via Peter Watts.

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  3. Laser cracks ‘unbreakable’ quantum communications

    "Makarov and colleagues have now uncovered such vulnerabilities in two of the three types of quantum equipment commonly used. They are now investigating ways to solve the flaw without introducing more weaknesses."

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  4. Our Solar System Born in ‘Little Bang’

    "…a computer model to back up the idea that our sun is the product of an explosive event. The new modeling finds that a supernova, or exploding star, could indeed have triggered birth of our sun in a dense cloud of gas and dust, the researchers say."

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