Links for 7th August 2008 part 2

WolfeWiki; semantics and open systems; air-purifying concrete; artificial eyeball …

  1. WolfeWiki

    “This is the WolfeWiki project, an attempt to gather in one v-place large quantities of information about the works of the great American writer Gene Wolfe.” More of these will emerge, sooner rather than later. This is the new crit – collaborative, user-edited, discursive.

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  2. Thirteen words that lose their meaning when the denominator approaches infinity

    “From a semantic perspective, all these unbound populations are examples of denominators in fractions that no longer make any sense. And that means that the words we use that are based on such ratios are themselves becoming meaningless. So while “most Americans” has meaning, “most bloggers” does not (what’s a blogger? How many are there? How do they define themselves? Who’s counting?).”

    Tagged with: long-tail • semantics • open-systems • generalizations • language • jargon • communication • precision •

  3. Dutch town tests ‘air-purifying’ concrete

    “In laboratory conditions, the additive — under the influence of sunlight — binds the nitrogen oxide particles emitted by car exhausts and turns them into harmless nitrates. “With one rain shower everything is washed clean,” the institution said in a statement.” Erm, OK…

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  4. Artificial eyeball does away with distorted images

    “Mimicking the curves of a human retina has enabled a digital image sensor to take wide-angle pictures without distortion. This is possible thanks to an improved method of transferring silicon sensors onto a curved surface.”

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  5. WordPress Plugin: WP-UnitPNGfix

    “WP-UnitPNGfix includes the ‘unitpngfix.js’ javascript file if the browser is IE6 or lower. In plain words, it implements the solution for the PNG trasparency provided by Unit Interactive Labs. It works on both img objects and background-image attributes.” Useful.

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  6. WordPress Plugin: Authenticate Lite, for universal or targeted inclusion of custom content

    “Authenticate Lite enables universal and/or targeted inclusion of custom content for both feeds and posts.[…] Custom content may be added to any location within posts or feeds — before, after, or even within post content.” Oooh, tricksy! We likes it.

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