Links for 7th August 2008

Stephanie Meyer groks fan-content; BBC+IBM=MusicChart2.0 …

  1. The Online Fan World of the Twilight Vampire Books“Since Meyer published the first Twilight book in 2005, she has reached out to readers on social networking sites […] Fired-up fans have championed her books on and set up their own sites, such as Twilight Lexicon and TwilightMOMS. That has helped propel sales of the series to 7.5 million books.”

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  2. BBC And IBM Reinvent The Music Chart“… they’re reinventing the music charts, but making it much more accurate and relevant. But it doesn’t stop there, either. Rather than assuming there’s just one single chart to rule them all, the system lets you create custom lists for a better understanding of more niche-targeted music.”

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