Links for 7th January 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Earth Life Headed for Mars Moon

    "Russia is also dispatching on the flight the "world's hardiest" or "toughest" organisms found here on Earth, sealed up in a bio-container for the Earth-to-Mars/Mars to Earth three year trek. The bio-module will provide 30 small tubes for individual microbe samples."

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  2. 10 Killer WordPress Hacks

    Does what it says on the tin.

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  3. The Future Of Privacy: Look At Who’s Missing From The Discussion

    "It's become popular in the media to make a big deal out of the threats that companies like Google and Facebook present to privacy, and even some regulators have been sniffing around that space — but that's only because people can actually see what's happening with those companies (and both take the issue of privacy pretty seriously — though, both could do a better job in some cases). The problem is that most people don't even realize that the big data mining companies are doing much more with their data every day, and there's less attention paid because it all happens behind the scenes."

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  4. Frugality is cool in the cash-strapped US

    "… the recession is already reshaping people's lives in ways trivial and profound. Sales of red meat are falling, while cheaper foodstuffs, such as pasta, are going up. Car sales have collapsed by up to 30%, perhaps meaning that the greatest American icon of the 20th century is struggling. Frugal is the new cool, putting an end to hyperconsumption. The orgy of credit card abuse is over." For now, at least.

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  5. Alien asteroid dust hints at Earth-like planets

    "Dust made up of similar stuff as the Earth has been found in and around a handful of dead stars. The dust, which was left behind when the stars chewed up errant asteroids, suggests terrestrial planets may be common. Six white dwarfs, the burned-out embers of Sun-like stars, showed heavy elements, or metals, in their atmospheres. That is unusual because white dwarfs contain about as much mass as the Sun squeezed into bodies the size of the Earth, giving them surface gravities 10,000 times stronger than the Sun's."

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  6. Digital guru Clay Shirky’s media forecast and predictions for 2009

    "If you pick a magazine at random, it will not interest you. For people who care about quality, it's easier to find it online. If it's a highly qualified niche magazine, something aimed at surgeons or firefighters, it's going online. There's no reason those things should exist." I can think of a niche to add to that list.

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