Links for 7th July 2009

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  1. E-wasteland – The growing problem of e-waste in India (photo-essay)

    "20 – 50 million tons of electronic waste, known as “e-waste” is generated annually worldwide. In Europe and the US, an old computer is thrown away, on average, every 2 years. In the US for every new computer bought, an old one is thrown away.

    Each year, thousands of tons of old computers, mobile phones, batteries, cables, old cameras and other e-waste are dumped in landfill or burned. Thousands more are shipped, illegally, from Europe, the UK and the USA to India and other developing countries for ‘recycling’. Some is sent as scrap, some as charity donations." Sad, but packed with story potential.

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  2. U.S.-Russia Nuclear Agreement Is First Step in Broad Effort

    " “This is an urgent issue, and one in which the United States and Russia have to take leadership,” Mr. Obama said. “It is very difficult for us to exert that leadership unless we are showing ourselves willing to deal with our own nuclear stockpiles in a more rational way.”

    Mr. Medvedev expressed willingness to help fight the proliferation of nuclear weapons in places like Iran and North Korea. “It’s our common, joint responsibility, and we should do our utmost to prevent any negative trends there, and we are ready to do that,” Mr. Medvedev said."

    Translation: O – "If we give some of ours away, it'll make us sound less like hypocrites when we forbid them to anyone else." M – "Suits me for now."

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  3. Quantum computer closer: Optical transistor made from single molecule

    "ETH's Martin Pototschnig told us more about the molecule used for the experiments. "It is a small hydrocarbon molecule called dibenzanthanthrene (DBATT). The molecules are doped in n-tetradecane, an organic solvent. So the sample is a pink liquid at room temperature. Then we cryogenically cool the small portion of the sample then the n-tetradecane freezes and forms a molecular crystal."

    The molecule itself is about 2 nanometers in size, over ten times smaller than standard transistors, which means that a lot more could be integrated in a single chip."

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  4. Claims that immigrants prioritised for social housing ‘a myth’

    "Claims that immigrants are given priority access to social housing have been dismissed as a myth by the equalities watchdog.

    A study for the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) found that only 1.8% of social tenants are immigrants who had moved to the UK in the past five years.

    Some 87.8% were UK-born. Foreigners who had been living in Britain for more than five years made up 10% of social housing." Zing.

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