Links for 7th June 2009

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. The Short Lifespan Of The iPhone

    "The iPhone doesn’t have a battery that a user can easily replace. While some people complain about this for long trips, the real issue is that battery performance wears down over time after a certain number of recharge cycles. And after about a year with this iPhone 3G, the battery life is noticeably worse than it was when I got it. So if I did want to keep this device, I would have to send it in to have the battery replaced for me. Guess how much that costs? Just about $100." Designed obsolescence – still very much in fashion.

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  2. WordPress hack: Display your tags in a dropdown menu

    Does what it says on the tin.

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  3. Science reinvents the economy: Network solutions

    "… how might we engineer our financial networks more robustly? Some scientists think that answers lie in areas where similar risks emerge. Ecologists, for instance, have spent decades getting to grips with the ability of ecosystems to adapt and thrive in the face of all sorts of challenges, including everyday processes like the movement of species, but also continental drift and climate change."

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  4. Is Peak Oil the Solution to Global Warming?

    "The biggest new oil reserves whose discovery is so breathlessly reported in the mainstream press amount to maybe a month’s production from the old fields about to go offline in the Persian Gulf. What about the enormous offshore oil reserves where those liberal tree-huggers won’t allow drilling? Well, their total capacity is about half that of the offshore reserves the oil companies are already sitting on, and haven’t bothered to develop. And if they were fully developed, and running at full capacity, they’d probably make about three cents difference on the gallon in the price of gasoline."

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