Links for 7th September 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Big data: Welcome to the petacentre

    "Once you're conducting petacalculations on petabytes, you're into petaheat territory. Two floors of the Sanger data centre are devoted to cooling. The top one houses the current cooling system. The one below sits waiting for the day that the centre needs to double its cooling capacity. Both are sheathed in dramatic blue glass; the scientists call the building the Ice Cube."

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  2. Cory Doctorow: Macropayments

    "Taking someone’s money is expensive. It incurs transaction and bookkeeping costs and it incurs emotional and social costs. Micropayments have historically focused on eliminating the cash overheads while ignoring the intangible costs. For a writer whose career might span decades and involve hundreds of thousands of readers, these costs cannot be ignored."

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  3. “The End of Science Fiction”: A View of the Debate (Part One)

    "… there are five big arguments for a bleak view of the genre’s prospects that certainly merit consideration. Three of these, which concern the cultural conditions inside which science fiction writers work, are covered here, namely, what some have taken to calling “the end of science”; our changing expectations about the future; and the internal dynamics of the genre of science fiction itself."

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