Links for 8th October 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. How to Display a Random Testimonial or Post in WordPress

    "Usually, WordPress is a very simple system to code for, so I was surprised when all I wanted to do was get a random post from a category. There were a couple plugins, but I didn’t want to use them; it’s generally accepted that the fastest way to work with an optimized application like WordPress is to use it’s built-in functions."

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  2. Japanese to build space elevator invented in Russia

    "The space elevator is expected to cut the cost of delivering cargo into space and is considered one of the most ambitious projects of the 21st century. The Japanese plan to unveil a schedule for the elevator's assembly and commissioning this November."

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  3. Photos of JAXA’s origami space shuttles

    "If NASA approves, the Space Shuttle Discovery will carry the origami planes to the International Space Station (ISS) in February 2009 […] It is yet to be decided whether Wakata himself will throw the paper planes or whether he will use the space station’s robotic arm."

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  4. Narcissistic People Most Likely To Emerge As Leaders

    "Researchers found that people who score high in narcissism tend to take control of leaderless groups. Narcissism is a trait in which people are self-centered, exaggerate their talents and abilities, and lack empathy for others. “Not only did narcissists rate themselves as leaders, which you would expect, but other group members also saw them as the people who really run the group,” said Amy Brunell, lead author of the study… " … which sounds like it was conducted in the Houses of Parliament.

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  5. Applying the eBay Model to Music Licensing

    "An Israeli startup hopes to do for music licensing what eBay did for just about everything else. YouLicense is an efficient clearinghouse where artists and copyright holders can license their music to advertisers, videogame developers, filmmakers, photographers, hobbyists and anyone else who wants to pay $20 and up to legally license a song."

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  6. William Gibson Interview

    "For me, Science Fiction is always about the day in which it is written. If you look at Science Fiction historically, that’s the only way to get a handle on it. 1984 is always about 1948. When I wrote Neuromancer, I was conscious of writing about Reaganomics. I was writing about the outcome of that kind of political philosophy. One of those outcomes was that in Neuromancer, the United States is like Mexico City. But there didn’t seem to be much of that sort of thought going on among the Science Fiction audience the book initially reached."

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  7. Midori-san, the blogging houseplant

    "… the plant’s highly structured posts summarize the day’s weather, temperature and lighting conditions, describe its overall physical condition, tell how much light it received via the user-activated lamp (see below), and explain how much fun the day was. Each post also includes a self-portrait photo and a plant-themed pun (in Japanese), which Midori-san likely did not write… " Arf!

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  8. Humans have reached a genetic zenith, says evolution expert

    "In ancient times half our children would have died by the age of 20. Now, in the western world, 98% of them are surviving to the age of 21. Our life expectancy is now so good that eliminating all accidents and infectious diseases would only raise it by a further two years. Natural selection no longer has death as a handy tool… " This doesn't sound right to me, to be honest.

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