Links for 8th October 2009

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  1. jugaad

    "… this is the most important concept we learned during our time in India: jugaad. Making do.

    The nearest English equivalent is “jury-rigging”, but that translation doesn’t do jugaad justice. My coworker Anurag translated it as “a duct-tape arrangement.” Artist Sanjeev Shankar describes it as “attaining any objective with the available resources at hand”. Jugaad is about improvising a solution. It’s about ingenuity in the face of adversity."

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  2. Buddy System: the infectious power of social networks

    "The data exposed not only the contagious nature of obesity but the power of social networks to influence individual behaviour. This effect extends over great distances – a fact revealed by tracking original subjects who moved away from Framingham. "Your friends who live far away have just as big an impact on your behaviour as friends next door," Fowler says. "Even if you see a friend only once a year, that friend will still change your sense of what's appropriate. And that new norm will influence what you do." An obese sibling hundreds of miles away can cause us to eat more. The individual is a romantic myth; indeed, John Donne was right: no man is an island."

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  3. The Dollhouse Mafia, or "Don’t Display Negative Karma"

    There can be no negative public karma-at least for establishing the trustworthiness of active users. A bad enough public score will simply lead to that user's abandoning the account and starting a new one, a process we call karma bankruptcy. This setup defeats the primary goal of karma-to publicly identify bad actors. Assuming that a karma starts at zero for a brand-new user that an application has no information about, it can never go below zero, since karma bankruptcy resets it. Just look at the record of eBay sellers with more than three red stars-you'll see that most haven't sold anything in months or years, either because the sellers quit or they're now doing business under different account names.

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