Links for 8th September 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Vanity publishing – know the realities and grab the Maalox

    "In the past several days I’ve seen repeated mention of how the vanity plan is a win-win deal, and I always wonder what kind of tarragon they’re smoking. Sure, on the surface it sounds great. What? I can see my book in print? I can be a published author? Heck yeah, where do I sign? But to me, this win-win mantra is saying, “Your writing sucks too much to be published by a real publisher and no one will publish you. But we will.”"

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  2. Our obsession with crime is crushing our freedoms

    "To put these figures in perspective, we spend more on law and order than any other OECD country including the United States, France, Germany and Spain. It is fair to say that Britain is in the grip of law and order obsession, yet we seem incapable of putting police officers on the beat to patrol our streets, investigate crimes and keep order with an eye to proportionate and sensible use of their powers."

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  3. Cloud-seeding ships could combat climate change

    "It should be possible to counteract the global warming associated with a doubling of carbon dioxide levels by enhancing the reflectivity of low-lying clouds above the oceans[…] this can be done using a worldwide fleet of autonomous ships spraying salt water into the air." Erm, side-effects?

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