Links for 9th October 2008

Fresh from the clogged tubes of teh intarwubs…

  1. Theme Switch WordPress Plugin

    "… allow[s] usage of different themes for logged in users. It is intended for theme developers who want to test their themes on live sites without breaking things for visitors."

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  2. Wp2BB Plugin homepage – WordPress and PhpBB integration

    "Wp2BB creates new topics in your PhpBB forum for every new post or page in your WordPress blog. Also provides a WP template for displaying the current number of responses to the post in the forum, and a quick link to add a reply. It can either replace or coexist with the WordPress comments system."

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  3. The Unspeakable Odyssey of the Motionless Boy

    "How much of our humanity are we prepared to cede to machines? This is a dilemma of the future, but it's not much of a concern for Erik Ramsey. Erik can't move. He can't blink his eyes. And he hasn't said a word since 1999. But now, thanks to an electrode that was surgically implanted in his brain and linked to a computer, his nine-year silence is about to end."

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