LOLwastelands – or, Flogging a Seemingly Deathless Meme

OK, it’s reached a point where I’m retrospectively ashamed of having forced LOLcats on everyone I knew over the last year or so. Because people like me, who in all innocence did exactly the same thing, have unleashed a monster.

A monster that will devour everything in its path; everything we hold sacred. Even, for example, T. S. Eliot’s The Wastelands


if teh river running, why not moving?
nymphoz gone.
river has trash no more.
nymphoz and friends left,
no can find.
shakey bones with big laughs r here!

rat creepin in teh banks, (186)
fisher kingz has no fishies!
rat eatin kingz relatives.
king sees mrs potter, standing in teh bubbles.
potter daughter hotter.

twitter twitter
jub jub bird.
still in rong poemz

Laugh, cry, sigh – choice is yours. After the day I’ve had, I just managed a wry grin. [Via the indispensable MetaFilter]

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