Meet Joe Haldeman in Second Life

Just logged in to SL and found a notecard in my inbox that I thought I should share with the science fiction community. Joe Haldeman is doing a book reading in Second Life this Sunday coming:

I’d like to invite you … to a meetup with science-ficiton writer Joe Haldeman [on] Sunday [August] 12th at 9 am SLT [that’s 1pm GMT BST, UK people]. Joe will give a reading from his upcoming novel, “The Accidental Time Machine,” if the voice client is feeling like working Sunday.

If the voice client is not working, we’ll just do the meetup as a text chat.

Either way, Joe will be talking about his novel, science fiction, writing, science, art and more, and answering questions from me and from the audience.

I hope to see you, and your group, there.

— Ziggy Figaro

Landmark to the event location – the Amphitheater at Dr. Dobb’s Island:

I think I’m going to be at a family gathering on Sunday, but if not I shall certainly be logging in. If anyone wants to tag along but is new to SL, drop me an email and we’ll arrange to meet up, or I’ll put you on to someone else who can chaperone you.

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  1. I have to wonder what group you belong to that posted that last Thursday. I just got it on Saturday night, reposted from InformationWeek through Elysian Isles. And while I drop in to your site here to read the latest every week or two, I would have missed this notice until it was too late. I found this entry when I Googled up the link with the SLURL to post in my own blog; after the one I was looking for, this post was the next one down, or second link overall for the search. Congrats on the search engine placement! And yes, I know, a geek like me really needs to get off his backside and set up a proper feedreader… any day now, I swear!

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