Midnight at the Mobius Strip Club

Hey, look – a post on VCTB that isn’t a link-dump!

Well, it’s kind of a link-dump… Karen Burnham recruited me for another SF Signal Mind-Meld, this time on the topic of the time-travel trope in science fiction. And once again I get to look like a hand-waving waffler among erudite and considered thinkers… at least I have consistency, eh?

[ Re: the title of this post – it’s also the title of a vaguely time-travel-ish story that I started a couple of years ago and have, as yet, been unable to finish; a classic case of the amateur fictioneer biting off more than he can chew. Maybe one of these days I’ll get round to finishing it. ]

3 thoughts on “Midnight at the Mobius Strip Club”

  1. I always figured that a Mobius Strip Club would employ very flexible ladies, like contortionists and such.

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