Migrations and upgrades … the horror!

Good grief – it’s been a nerve-wracking twenty-four hours.

Yesterday I discovered that the time had come to move VCTB from its previous home (on the server of a good and patient friend) to the developer hosting account I now have for my other websites.

Moving the files and database to the new host were the easy bit; waiting for the DNS change to propagate was the worst, because it seems that Virgin Media have a very slow TTL setting on their DNS servers … or, in layman’s terms, pretty much everyone in the world could see the site in its new location except yours truly.

But the real fun part came this evening; having done the migration, I figured it was time to upgrade to the new version of WordPress. Which involved upgrading about ten different plugins … then restructuring the database … then fixing the horrible errors that legacy code in my theme were producing … then replacing functionalities to which I have become accustomed with various hacks and workarounds.

I’m knackered, and my eyes hurt. But it’s done.

However, if you should notice any untoward and strange behaviour on the site, please drop me a line and let me know.

Now all I have to do is get around to making the damn site look less fugly …

Anyway – normal service should now be resumed. Thanks for your patience.

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4 thoughts on “Migrations and upgrades … the horror!”

  1. I feel for you. I had installed the then-newest version of WordPress on my own domain, and spent a month or two just trying out different things (and, to whit, I’m still not happy with the design!), and all of a sudden – new version of WordPress.


    I do agree that your blog is pretty fugly. However, the content is non pareil!

  2. Cheers, Mr. Unit38 – I’ll take any compliment I’m offered! 🙂 Your design is far nicer, whether you’re happy with it or not – if you can offer any advice, it’ll be as gratefully received as the compliments!

    However, I must be some sort of subliminal glutton for punishment; I’ve decided that it’s time to move to Linux, and have just started Bit-Torrenting the new Ubuntu release …

  3. I’m all about clean minimalism, but I’m getting frustrated because there are so many useful widgets and etc. that I could be using, but am not because the template I worked from isn’t widget-ready. It’s a proverbial bitch.

    I don’t think your gluttony is very subliminal, sir. You’re clearly touched!

    The only advice I could possibly offer is to seriously sit back and pare away the extraneous bits that get in the way of a clear read. And steer toward a white background. 🙂

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