Mind-melds and panels and gigs, oh my!

Ah, the wild synchronicities of modern life! This is one of those weeks where I appear to be doing a gazillion out-of-the-house things at once – or, if not at once, very close together.


First up (by virtue of having already happened), I made another appearance at SF Signal for one of their Mind Meld topics. This time out the question was:

In your opinion, does literary science fiction and fantasy have mainstream respect? Why, if at all, does it need mainstream approval? What would such approval mean for genre fiction?

Do pop over to see me disassemble the question rather than giving a straight answer, and to see more sensible (not to mention concise) answers from such notables as Gene Wolfe, Ian McDonald and Paolo Bacigalupi.

A Waste of Space?

Tomorrow night (23rd October) sees me up the tracks in London… at no less a venue than the Royal Greenwich Observatory. The SciFi London people (who do such a super job of hosting the Clarke Award every year) are having an “Oktoberfest” at the Planetarium with assorted sf-nal goings-on, including a screening of the new Star Trek movie, for them what’s interested (and has tickets, presumably)).

One of the other events is a discussion panel called “A Space of Waste?”, which aims to determine “whether science fiction authors are wasting their time writing about interplanetary travel, space colonisation and the spread of mankind across the universe given everything science has taught us about the realities, possibilities and costs of doing so.” Yours truly is on the panel alongside authors Jaine Fenn, Philip Palmer and Paul McAuley… so I guess I’ll be providing the comic relief. Perhaps I should wear a silly hat?

I Like Trains and Aeroplanes

And then there’s Saturday night (24th October), which sees Aeroplane Attack playing our first “proper” support slot at the Wedgewood Rooms, supporting iLiKETRAiNS and The Strange Death Of Liberal England (the latter of whom were kind enough to hustle the promoter into giving us the gig, and who as such deserve our sincere thanks). Playing the Wedge is ace, because we can turn it up nice and loud without crippling our own hearing, and because we have room to shuffle about on stage (which is often a problem for a 5-piece rock band playing pub venues with four half-stacks and a full drum kit).

Also, the other bands are super, and it’s the night the clocks go back… so why not make a night of it if you’re in Velcro City? Tickets are cheaper from me in advance, so if you fancy coming along drop me a line and we’ll hook something up.

And if you can’t make it, be sure to have a damn good time doing something else, OK? That’s what the weekend’s for, y’know. 🙂

(Though if you could spare a moment to listen to the new Aeroplane Attack tune we’ve uploaded, that’d be jolly good of you.)

3 thoughts on “Mind-melds and panels and gigs, oh my!”

  1. If I can blag a place on the floor of some uni mates, I might make the trek down for the gig. On a bit of an iLIKETRAINS kick at the moment, and it’d be good to see you guys live. It’s all a bit last minute and implausible, but watch this space. 🙂

  2. Ah, my friends are moving. I’m going to have to take a rain check, unfortunately. Good luck, though! Do you guys have a list of confirmed upcoming gigs, for future reference?

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