More on Iran’s “nuclear ambitions”…

We’ve talked on VCTB a few times before about Iran’s supposed nuclear capabilities and her ‘ambitions to enhance them’. Recently there has been a lot of ‘leaked info’, that supposedly blows the whistle on these dastardly people trying to usher in the end of the world within the space of a month or two. A ‘smoking gun’, to coin a phrase.

A gentleman called Jeffrey Lewis runs a blog called ArmsControlWonk, which is dedicated to publishing all the information on WMDs that the governments of the world find it unnecessary for us to know. In a series of posts (here, here, here, here and last of all here), he picks all the evidence apart to show that things are nowhere near as bad as the warmongers would like us to believe.

In summary; Iran is probably a good ten years away from being able to field a nuclear device, and even then it would be a warhead of similar size to that used on Nagasaki (ie, tiny by modern ‘civilised’ standards). Even should they manage to develop all the technologies and processes to reach this point, and purify enough fissile material, their ballistic delivery systems technology means that the worst they could do is threaten their very nearest neighbours with it. ‘Imminent threat’, huh? Now where have we heard that phrase before?

Links pinched from MetaFilter.

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  1. “Bring the troops home!”
    The faux liberals shout.
    “Oh and stop off at Iran on the way to get some milk and kill some people for us would ya?”
    They don’t shout.

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