Musician’s corner: scrap metal music and recording techniques

You may think your band make a big evil noise. And maybe they do. But this lot are *real* heavy metal…

Neptune (scrap metal instrument band)

Neptune are a band from Boston (USA) that started out as a sculpture project. Eventually they started using the bizarre instruments they created for live shows; they played their first gig in 1994 and are still going now, having incorporated a large number of jerry-built synthesisers into the line-up. They have a website with lovely photos and sound (in an awful layout). (Thankyou, MAKEBlog.)

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Charlie O’Hanolan doesn’t just fix and restore old Honda motorbikes, he also makes guitars out of old parts of them:

Charlie O'Hanolan: bike-parts guitar

Also very metal, but a bit less industrial…more Steppenwolf than Front 242, if you get my drift. (Thankyou MAKEBlog, yet again.)

Of course, having kitted yourself out with a bizzare panoply of instruments, you’ll be wanting to record your awesomely original audio stylings for the benefit of the world at large, not to mention generations to come. So having a good read through of Tweak’s Guide to Home Recording might be a good move – all the essentials of laying down music at home, from advice on kit purchasing to understanding the arcane and scary world of the EQ section. (Muchos gracias, Metafilter.)

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  1. Hahahaha! this sure is true heavy metal…literally and musically, this is also awesome although not as close the the pioneers of Heavy Metal themselves, Judas Priest! I had a great time reading and you gave me an idea what instruments to use in my band! I’m a welder myself and I love to do things like these! thanks, man!

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