Mystery SF/F blogger

Okay, genre people; I have a mystery to solve, and I need your help with it. What we have here is a mystery anonymous genre literature blogger, churning out writing advice on an anonymous Blogspot account.

I only spotted this because I’ve subscribed to the RSS feed for the Techorati tag search for ‘science fiction’; that feed dumped a whole batch of posts from one blog yesterday, and the content has me wondering who it might be. Here’s the first post, feel free to click on to the others. The clues are:

  • seems to know the market pretty well;
  • claims to have sold short stories and novels;
  • genuinely literate and verbose (not an ‘angst’ blog, or so it seems);
  • knows the magazine history of SF;
  • knows the genre’s history as a publishing phenomenon;
  • seems to validictorise the genre while acknowledging its short-falls.

There’s probably a lot more to mine here, but only for those more steeped in SF lore than myself. Hence my throwing the question out to the SF blogosphere – who do we think this person is? I reckon there’s enough clues there to reveal the truth, but I don’t have the personal knowledge to work it out myself. Any suggestions?

Oh, and my back is much better, thanks for asking. I’m glad that people care about my well-being. You’re all stars. 🙂

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  1. A lot of the text is taken word-for-word from Orson Scott Card’s “How to Write Science Fiction & Fantasy” book – including how he came up with the idea for Ender’s Game.

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