New client site launched: Tim Lebbon, horror and dark fantasy author

Well, I’ve just sent off the invoice, and all but a last few lingering (and, frankly, very perplexing) aesthetic bugs have been squelched, so I think it’s time to announce formally that Tim Lebbon’s new website is open for business.

Tim Lebbon's website - screenshot

It’s been quite the learning curve, for an assortment of reasons that – seeing as very few of you give a crap about the internal workings of WordPress – I shan’t bother going on about here. But learning is good, and Tim’s is the first site I’ve built from scratch rather than hacking about example themes, so I was expecting to hit a few snags. Maybe not quite so many, though…

But any way – take a look, let me know what you think. I should take this opportunity to thank Tim for his patience with me, too – he’s a super gent, and no mistake. Buy one of his books. 🙂

2 thoughts on “New client site launched: Tim Lebbon, horror and dark fantasy author”

  1. Oh yes, definitely. Also lets you see the process iteratively – i.e. when something goes wrong, you can trace it back tom your latest change or addition much more easily, especially with the CSS. I’m tempted to start using browser default resetters, though, because making things look good in IE and Firefox without them is a pain in the Palin.

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