New Iain M Banks cover art and blurb revealed

You can stuff your Harry Potter where the sun doesn’t shine, because here’s a forthcoming title that’s genuinely worth getting excited about: Matter, Iain M. Bank’s forthcoming science fiction novel, the first to be set in the Culture universe for nearly eight years.

Cover art for Matter by Iain M. Banks

Understandably, this news is doing the rounds of sf bloggers everywhere … but I believe the scoop award goes to Ed Ashby* for being the first to spot the cover art and blurb ‘in the wild’ earlier today. The Orbit blog has an official announcement and a few ship names as a teaser. As if I needed teasing. A new Culture novel! wh0000t!

I’m very much hoping to wangle an interview with The Man Himself nearer the release date (ah, the perks of being on the editorial board of the UK’s longest running science fiction magazine), which should be quite an experience …

… but I doubt it will compare with having seen Banks having his brains eaten by Cthulhu.

[* Just realised why Ed Ashby’s name is so familiar – he was a regular on the IMB fansite forums back when I was still a regular there. Ah, those were the days … pre-blogging, I’d spend upwards of three hours a night on that forum. Great bunch of guys and girls. Sadly it’s locked to newcomers now, and I lost my password and user ID long ago. Selah.]

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