Not so much a spring cleaning …

… as a much-needed complete redecoration. If you care to click through from the RSS feed, you’ll see I’ve been prettifying VCTB.

The more sharp-eyed (and web savvy) among you will doubtless note the similarities between this new look and the recent new Futurismic theme; I must confess, I took it as a starting point and rehashed it to suit.

It’s taken me around five hours of trial and error, but has taught me a great deal in the process. I’m quite pleased with the results, too – though I wouldn’t say this is the final version quite yet, there’s still some tweaking to be done. I am, however, pretty damn chuffed with the header and menu, if I do say so myself. That took about three of the hours.

Your feedback on matters of aesthetics and usability would be greatly appreciated!

I’ve been blowing the cobwebs out of the blogroll, too – if I’ve removed your site by accident, or if the link for you is wrong, or if you can think of a site that should really be there for the sake of my credibility, please speak up.


12 thoughts on “Not so much a spring cleaning …”

  1. Congrats on the revamp.

    It does mean I have to increase text size to read it comfortably now – which is the same as for default lj settings. But that’s time for you.

  2. I like.

    Being the monstrous egoist I am, naturally I clicked on my own name on the sidebar, there. It takes you through to a ‘Not Found: I’m afraid whatever you’re looking for doesn’t appear to be here…’ page on my website. And, picky-picky, I’m Prof not Dr. But apart from that …

  3. It says ‘drac’, reflecting my degree from the Transylvanian University of vampirology. Or days Drac because I was promoted and couldn’t be bothered to update my email. And, now I come to think of it, little would be worse than being called prof. Let’s call the whole thing off.

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