Oh, the shame! The shame!

Apologies to regular readers are in order, methinks. Last night’s public self-flaggellation was inexcusable – that’s the sort of angsty whining that MySpace is packed with, and there’s nothing to gain from that sort of crap. So sorry, people; I’ll endeavour for it to not occur again.

So, to balance it out, a bit of public positive thinking and looking-forward-type action.

Next week is going to be a busy one, certainly the first few days. On Monday evening, after a full day of work at Velcro City Library, I’m going to a ‘Future Writing Forum’ that’s taking place in the local Ottakar’s. It is an ‘open and informal discussion forum exploring opportunities for aspiring and early-career writers with special guests and speakers‘, run by an outfit called Creative Industries Business Advice Service (CIBAS). Which probably means I’ll hear a fair bit of what I know already, which is that to be a writer, one must (unsurprisingly) do a lot of writing. I’m hoping for advice on moving into fields of work where I can monetise my skills, though; I need more time to write with. The only way I’ll get that is by cutting back on my day-job hours, and that isn’t practical until I have some way of making an income out of bashing away at this keyboard.

Tuesday sees me not just going to my bi-weekly poetry workshop (yeah, I know; so sue me), but also going to my second Cafe Scientifique, which I shall of course be reporting on just like I did last time. This month it’s all about ‘concious machines’, and whether or not we should be afraid of them; hence plenty of opportunities for yours truly to bring up science fiction scenarios again.

The speaker is one Prof. Igor Aleksander, who not only has a fantastic name for a scientist (throw the switch, Igor!), but a 45 year career in academia, moving from electronics through to neural systems engineering, where he is today. So basically a grade-one boffin. I’m looking forward to this event greatly; if the last one was anything to go by, I will have a great time. In addition to putting out flyers for this here blog (see my ruthless self-promotion?) I shall also be bugging the good Professor for an email interview, so wish me luck.

The net result of these busy days is that I’ll have less time than usual for my daily news-dredging, so if the links lists look a little short, that’ll be why. I should be able to fit it all in (after all, I have a commitment to Futurismic that I am honour-bound to uphold), but there’s a good chance of me being tired and crabby at work on Wednesday. No change there, then! This evening it is my intent to pre-write some posts for Monday and Tuesday, so that there’s something more than just the daily linkdumps for you to read. This site needs more content, and it’s time to stop making excuses.

Next week also sees me attending Tongues and Grooves, a monthly poetry-and-music open-mic night that I’ve been going to for nearly a year. I’m now (literally) a part of the fixtures; I use my background of working in music venues to full advantage by being the doorman who extracts money from the attendees! I also read my work there, and I like to think I’ve improved considerably since I started. I keep meaning to post some up here, so any of you with an interest can tear holes in them. I can hear you all holding your breath…

So, a busy week for the Armchair Anarchist. Let’s hope he doesn’t fall into the pit of maudlin again, eh?

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