On co-habiting with geeks

The wonderful webcomic Wondermark never fails to raise a wee grin out of me, but the other night it had me doing an actu-LOL. The night in question was January 8th, which marked a whole month of myself and The Lady living together; there have been some moments of conflict, of course, though nothing serious – and most of them are related to the inevitable challenges of coming to terms with the significant other’s minor foibles (which, in my case, are fairly numerous and frequently illogical).

For something of a metaphorical insight into the shape of those conflicts as they’ve occured here, this strip explains it about as well as possible; cast yours truly as the rat, and The Lady as that rabbit-bird thing on the left. Click through on the two frames below to see the whole thing (and think about following along via RSS while you’re there):

A rat has many hobbies - Wondermark


Anyway, everything’s still very much nose-to-the-grindstone at the moment: lots of work to do, and I need to file my tax return and pay the bill by the end of the month (and in order to do that I have to finalise my accounts for 2008/9 – yeah, yeah, I know, next year I’m not going to leave it until the last moment, honestly), and I’m still getting to grips with the rhythms and oddities of a new life in a new town. But hey, that’s all good. Getting up early (when The Lady leaves for work) is making a big difference to my productivity, and allowing me to have real downtime at the weekends without worrying that things need doing… amazing how much less horrifying Monday is when you’ve had two days to prepare for it, eh?

But I shouldn’t really be waffling away here… this is something of a “break” between tasks (though it would be more accurate to say that I’m writing a blog post in between listening to and reviewing a three-disc psychedelic krautrock album), but there’s more to be getting on with before The Lady returns to collect me for a shopping mission. So I’ll just quickly list a few recent arrivals on the books front, the upper three of which all came from some closing-down sale in one of those books’n’music stores somewhere near the Arndale in Manchester last week:

New books

That’s Vonnegut’s short fiction collection, Bagombo Snuff Box, Doug Coupland’s Generation X (which I’ve tired of people telling me I should have read already), and a Sonic Youth rockumentary, Psychic Confusion. And lookee there at the bottom – I finally have a copy of Anathem by Neal Stephenson, thanks to Stockport Waterstones and some vouchers. Shazam! Now, if I could just get a voucher or store card loaded with the two months or uninteruppted reading and thinking time needed to consume it…

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