On the road again

OK, folks, just a quick one: yours truly is about to move house again, clambering down the country’s backbone and returning to the dubious but familiar bosom of this blog’s namesake, Velcro City.

Problem being that I’ve not yet managed to nail down a new place to live on a permanent basis. Luckily, Velcro City is full of good friends, so I’ve places to stay in the interim… but the backswing of the situation is that access to the intermatubes is going to be a little patchy for the next week, and quite possibly scarce for a few weeks following that. Which won’t make a huge difference to the admittedly patchy blogging schedule here, of course, though it’ll be more noticeable over at Futurismic (where I’ve scheduled a similar announcement for later today).

For those readers among you with whom my relationship has elements of business included, an email will be forthcoming later today explaining what’s going on.

For those readers among you wondering about where I might be found in terms of public events in meatspace: I’ll not be at Eastercon this year (have to do the final paperwork/handover stuff on this flat that weekend), but if you’re at the Clarke Awards ceremony on the 27th of this month, you’ve got a very good chance of bumping into me there.

And before I drop the shutters here for a brief period, I’ll take the opportunity to re-crow yesterday’s excellent news: I placed an essay with the Culture Lab blog at New Scientist, and I am pretty bloody stoked about it, thankyouverymuch. This year is shaping up to be full of exciting changes in my life, of which this is – I hope – just one early harbinger.

So watch this space. 🙂

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