Onward and upward

It’s always nice to share good news with people, on the occasions that I have some. And so I am pleased to announce that it seems I have managed to land another book-reviewer gig, this time with Vector, the magazine of the British Science Fiction Association! I am really rather stoked about this; except for Interzone (where I already write reviews), I can’t think of any UK print-published forum that could be more prestigious to review for, at least as far as the science fiction scene is concerned.

However, much as it is with Interzone, I’ll be writing in the same magazine as some real ubercritics, and other folk with a far deeper and more incisive knowledge of the genre than myself – so I’ll have to be raising my game from the word go. Which is good; I seem to thrive on deadlines and challenge pressures, at least as far as my writing goes. I shall let the regulars here know what comes in the mail; my editor reckons he’ll have something with me by the end of next week (Royal Mail permitting, natch). Free books! And all I have to do in return is write about them. Gee, what a chore…

So, much rejoicing at The Hall Of Mirrors, which is why there was no essay piece this morning – that, and the fact that the stats show no one seems to tune in from Friday evening to early Sunday morning GMT (although Sunday always seems to be a busy day for some reason). And there’ll be no piece tonight either – this time because I’ll be busy working the stuff I’ve posted here about the reaction to Hawking’s comments into a full column for Futurismic (where it seems I may be about to become the main regular columnist). But I’m sure I’ll crank something out tomorrow – I’ve got a few things sat in the clippings folder waiting to provoke a rant, and Sunday should present ample opportunity with which to do so.

So much writing, so little time – I really need to start getting paid for doing this. Still, one step at a time; it’s all portfolio, after all. 🙂

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