Open-frame Copper-pipe Case-mod

Here’s a link for the PC obsessives among you. I like a bit of bling in my machine…I don’t own a car, and my PC is probably the most expensive thing I own. So I like it to look a bit fly – expressing my individuality, you know.

But compared to some folk out there, my PC is a pedestrian box indeed. Thanks to a link from the mighty BoingBoing, I now connect you to an article about a guy who built a PC into a frame made of copper plumbing pipes. A pic and a quote to tease…

I decided on the PVC since I had already seen a few of the suitcase mods, but then while at Home Depot I saw the copper plumbing pipes and thought, that’s what I need to build my case out of. The structure would be the same as that of my PVC idea, but copper would ground my motherboard whereas PVC case would not. Also, you can’t beat that copper shine. Finally, building the case out of copper would be that one last excuse for finally getting my cordless Dremel, and a butane blowtorch (which also does a very good job at lighting charcoal for cooking out).

How cool is that? Way cool, IMHO. Not quite as extreme as the cooking-oil cooled machine, though…

7 thoughts on “Open-frame Copper-pipe Case-mod”

  1. That is the stupidest design for a tower that I have ever seen. A tower is designed to keep key parts of your PC cool and protect it from static and dust. Your design does neither. It also lacks ascetic beauty and craftsmanship.

  2. While investigating the picture closer, I realized that you are missing the power switch, reset switch, HD LED, and power LED. All of these things are usually mounted in the front of the tower for the users convenience.

  3. Good grief, if you retards actually took the time to read the post, you’d see that it’s not my damned machine! Go hassle the designer – or alternatively get a life.

  4. its fab going 2 make 1 for myself realy good who need leds lol going to see if i can run my water cooler thro it aswell


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