Orwell, the CIA and cartoon movies

I’ll bet a whole lot of you out there had to read Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ at school. If so, the odds are pretty good that you got shown the cartoon movie adaptation also.

And furthermore, I’ll bet that just like me you had no idea that the CIA was behind the altered ending of said film, which it considered to be a little too critical of capitalism while being a little to easy on Communism.

3 thoughts on “Orwell, the CIA and cartoon movies”

  1. The CIA through their British MI5 poodles organised Animal Farm being a set book on ‘O’ level sylabi. Orwell theived the idea from a colleague Gertude Elais at the Ministry of Information. Orwell was working for The Man

  2. Oh no, G, look what you did – you just let The Man know that you knew! Still, there’s a chance they won’t look at a post that’s nearly three years old, so maybe you can still make it across the border before… no, no, I’ve said too much already.

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