Over half a million machines infected by Sony malware

Wired News: Sony Numbers Add Up to Trouble

Sony BMG has been on the run for almost two weeks with the public relations debacle of its XCP copy-restriction software, which has installed an exploit-vulnerable rootkit with at least 20 popular music titles on PCs all over the world.While the company has committed to withdrawing the CDs from production, and is said to be pulling them from the shelves, the biggest problem remaining for the company, and perhaps the internet as well, is how many Sony-compromised machines are still out there.

Dan Kaminsky, the guy who blew the whistle on the Sony spyware thing in the first place, has been doing a little further research on how widely spread cases of the nasty software really are. The results are nothing short of astonishing. I’m going to give up posting comments on Sony stories from now on, because this is ebnough of a public domain story for you to be able to dig up the details yourselves. But anything new that crops up will certainly be posted. Stay tuned…

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