Ozzy Osbourne pens Rasputin musical

Osbourne writes musical about Russia’s greatest love machine

Osbourne and his co-writer Mark Hudson have amassed a double album’s worth of songs, in styles that vary from rock to cossack folk music.“I always wanted to do a musical for the West End or Broadway,” Osbourne said. “If it gets picked up it gets picked up, but it was a lot of fun to do anyway … being Ozzy Osbourne is great, but if I don’t sing about the fucking devil or bats or whatever, people don’t really want to know.”

Osbourne was inspired to write the show after watching a BBC documentary about Rasputin. Though he came from humble beginnings, the so-called “Mad Monk” became a leading figure in the Romanov dynasty during the early 20th century. Rasputin, said Osbourne, lived the rock’n’roll lifestyle before it was invented. He drank heavily, was a womaniser, disregarded personal hygiene and was linked with witchcraft and the occult. He was also famously hard to kill – his assassins had to poison, shoot and drown him.

Having recorded the songs, Osbourne’s team are looking for financial backers and a scriptwriter. “I want it to be authentic,” he said. “My wife’s putting it in a classy kind of presentation box with a film of Rasputin, and a synopsis and some of the music, so we’re hoping someone will pick it up.”

I don’t think any comment I can make here could possibly make any more impact than the story itself.

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  1. I love the idea and want to see it progress into a reality. Since it’s now December 2007 and I’m still reading about the idea, it seems as though it’s coming along. More power to the God of Rock, Prince of Darkness, The Ozman! My Hero!

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